I'm not a fan of labeling like "you're a meat-eater and I'm a vegetarian, but my neighbor is a vegan, but the one across the street is a fruitarian." It's no use. When somebody asks me who I am, trying to label me, my answer is simple: "I eat a live plant-based foods."

Sometimes when people find out I do not eat meat, I have funny dialogues with them.
They ask me, showing me unnecessary sympathy, "Well, you don't eat meat. What are you eating, beans?"
I laugh in my head as if there is nothing else to eat besides beans. "Alive plant-based foods," I answer.
"What do you mean by "alive"?"
"Un-cooked whole plant foods."
After thinking a little. "But potatoes cannot be eaten raw."
"That's right, so I don't eat potatoes."
"So, what are you eating?"
"Living plant-based foods."
"Is that leaves or what?"
"Leaves too.", I laugh.
"And how long have you being a vegetarian?"
"For almost fifteen years now."
"Oh, it must be so difficult for you."
I'm dying laughing.

By the way, my daughter (she is eleven years old) also does not eat meat because of animal violence. My wife was gobbling meat recently, but now she eats only fish from time to time. But it would be honest to note that after I stopped eating meat, I almost did not talk about nutrition with my family. It is not ethical to push someone to do something the same that you do.

So this is some backstory about me as a vegetarian. Also, I would share some of the funny stories of starting this web resource.

Once, the neighbor visited us. She was a woman my age. She lived not far from us with two children. Her children were running outside with my daughter, and my wife was talking with her in the living room. I was working on my laptop, sitting on a couch. I heard the conversation a bit.
The neighbor quietly asks my wife: "Is your husband younger than you?"
"No," my wife says. "He's older."
"Hmm, he looks younger." My wife answered, I guess as a joke: "He drinks wheatgrass every morning. Ahaha))"
By that time, I had been preparing myself a wheatgrass shot every morning for three years already. Unfortunately, my wife did not drink wheatgrass, although we discussed it a couple of times. She told me drinking juice from the grass is a kind of torture for vegans; it smells weird and disgusting, like freshly mowed lawn.
The neighbor said: "Oh, yes, as I read before, wheatgrass juice rejuvenates the cells of the skin. But I don't know how to grow it."
Both turned to me.
I looked at the women: "It's simple!" I said. "You throw grains into the water, then, as it sprouts, spread them over the ground and put near the window. Then, water it, and as it grows, you cut it off into a juicer. 30-50 grams will be enough for your body. So you see, it's simple!"
"And where can I get grain or a juicer?" she asks.
"On Amazon, where else."
"Hmmm, thanks, I'll take a look."
She left later with a confused face. Probably she didn't understand how to grow wheatgrass; I didn't give her a detailed explanation. So soon they moved to another area, we have never seen them again. And I have never asked if she was growing wheatgrass or not.

But a Great Miracle happened in the family: a couple of days after this conversation with our neighbor, my wife asks: "Can I try wheatgrass again?"
"Sure," I said. The following morning, I squeezed a double dose of wheatgrass juice. I showed her the best way to drink the shot; she covered her nose with her other hand and drank.
I'm sure she didn't like it. But she comes to our kitchen, at the same time, every morning, to consume her wheatgrass juice for almost a year now, like an antelope at a waterhole!

I don't know what changed her mind: the conversation with a neighbor, my example, or just this time has come. I do not have any idea! What am I thinking now? When will my daughter ask me to try wheatgrass? I will wait! Ahaha)).

That is exactly how the history of the resource began. Once I've remembered all my friends, acquaintances, colleagues, neighbors who came to my home, looked with interest at my grass growing in the kitchen, asked me to taste it, then asked how to grow it correctly so that it would be delicious like my wheatgrass. So once I've remembered them all.
This web resource has to help everybody who will come and ask about wheatgrass.

"Oh, you do not know how to start? Listen, here is the website juicy grain dot com. Everything you need to know is there, all the information and all the instructions. Come in! Would you like to try wheatgrass juice? Ahaha))"

Before diving into this information, please read the section on the goals and mission of this resource. It is essential! You won't have any questions regarding diets or my opinion about the topic. But if you still have questions, suggestions, and wishes or suddenly find any inaccuracy on the site, please fill out the contact form. I am sure that I will always find a couple of minutes to answer you.

Well, that's the whole story. Pleasant reading!