Wheatgrass Juice - is the juice squeezing out of the first grass of wheat grains, harvested before it reaches 5 inches (about 5-7 days after sprouting). Wheatgrass is low in calories and packed full of nutrients, making it a high-density food.

Wheatgrass juice contains:

  • many minerals and amino acids;
  • B vitamins;
  • enzymes and antioxidants;
  • fiber and up to 70% chlorophyll (the Basis of Life).
There are a planting tray with wheatgrass on the left side of the background and a manual cold-pressed juicer on the side.
Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer
My Choice

March of 2018, a small box arrived at my doorstep. That was my Hurricane manual wheatgrass juicer from Amazon. I've been using it every morning for almost four years now, and it's still like new!

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There are three round planting trays of wheatgrass on the shelf near the sunny window.
What are the best conditions for growing wheatgrass?
Short Answer

If you want to grow perfect and healthy wheatgrass for juicing you should meet some crucial conditions to make the growing process ideal.

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Collage of two pictures, on the left side tray of cut-off wheatgrass shoots, on the right side same tray but with regrown wheatgrass.
Does wheatgrass regrow after cutting?
Short Answer

Yes, of course, you can regrow wheatgrass a second time and even a third. But remember that the nutritional value drops significantly. Moreover…

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Already cut-off leftover wheatgrass shoots with the soil lay on the side of the planting tray.
What to do after cutting wheatgrass?
Short Answer

The best way is to reuse the soil after you have cut off the shoots. Make compost using the leftover wheatgrass, add some garden soil. And then use new compost for growing wheatgrass. Then repeat it again and again.

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The planting tray with wheatgrass which blades become yellow.
Why is my wheatgrass turning yellow?
Short Answer

There can be only two reasons: either you are late with the harvest or disrupted the growing process. Let's take a closer look at these reasons.

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